2009 - MUSEUM AND ARCHIVES OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS FROM ABRUZZO (MAAAC) -Institution Castle and Art Museum of Nocciano - Ehibit Terra di mezo ,ITALY

2009 - Culture Centar Nikola Djurkovic, Gallery Stari Grad, Kotor, Montenegro

2008,2009 - Brick Lane Gallery, London , UK


2007- " Westbourne Studios" Terminal00 Fest Finalist, London, UK

2007 - Gallery " Art" Terminal00 Fest, Ljubljana , Slovenija

Supported by The Republic of Montenegro, Ministry of Culture , Sports and Media

Supported by The Republic of Montenegro, Ministry of Culture , Sports and Media

2007 - " Iwano Project" , Museum Vojvodina ,Novi Sad /Museum 26May Belgrade
Supported by The Republic of Montenegro, Ministry of Culture , Sports and Media

2007 - " Ghost project", Beton Hala, Belgrade, Serbia - group

2007 - " Reciklazom do dizajna", Singidunum,Beograd - group Serbia

2007 - " Sixty9 Gallery" Poland
Soported by The Republic of Montenegro, Ministry of Culture , Sports and Media

2006 - " The big summer sale " Culture Centar Nikola Djurkovic, Gallery”Old City” , Kotor , Montenegro
Supported by The Republic of Montenegro, Ministry of Culture , Sports and Media

2006 -"Book Art Project" Rome,"Artetica" Italy
Manifestazione promossa da UNESCO
Supported by The Republic of Montenegro, Ministry of Culture , Sports and Media

2005 - Biennale Internazionale dell`Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy
Supported by The Republic of Montenegro, Ministry of Culture , Sports and Media

2005 - Art Domain Galerry ,Laipzig, Germany - AWARD

2005 - Gallery”Old City” ,Kotor,Montenegro

2005 - Gallery “Perast”.Montenegro

2004 -Gallery “Nubs”,Belgrade,Serbia

2004 – Gallery “Atrium “, Kotor

2003 - Gallery caffe “ Dusko Radovic “ ,Belgrade, Serbia

2002 - Art2 Gallery ,Wiena, Austria

2002 - Museum Perast Gallery,Montenegro

2000 - Gallery “ Hadji Ruvin” Lajkovac,Serbia

2000 - Gallery “ NUBS” Beolgrade , Serbia

2000 - Gallery Kotor , Montenegro

1999 - Gallery “ Acord “ Belgrade,Serbia

1999 - Second international “ Summer Kastel fest” Banja Luka

1999 - Gallery “NUBS” Belgrade ,Serbia

1998 - Gallery “ Cattaro” Kotor ,Montenegro


2007 - Gallery " SULUV " Novi Sad, Serbia

2007- Gallery " Kulturni Centar Nikola Djurkovic" Kotor,Montenegro

2006- Gallery " Kulturni Centar Nikola Djurkovic" Kotor, Montenegro

2005-Gallery, Vrsac, Serbija

2004. Gallery “NordHof”,Germany,2004 Project

2003 - Gallery “ Dom Vazduhoplovstva “, Zemun ,Serbia

2001 – Museum Novi Sad, Serbia

1999 – Summer Art colony Novi Sad ,Serbia

1999 - “Portret around the time”, Gallery NUBS , Belgrade ,Serbia


ART Fair , Budva 2008, Montenegro



2005-Honor Award - Palm Art Award - Leipzig, Germany

-The Best of 123Soho 2005- one of thirty winners

-Silver award Artmayer gallery for 2005

2001, 2002, 2007 - Edinburgh international internet Art Festival


Participant in many Art work shops in land and abroad.(France,Austia) Her Art work was published in New York Art Magazine for Modern Art , French “CLAM” Magazine, Activist Exclusiv - Poland , C-Heads , MIa- iTALY..ETC....

“Recycling. A story which begins where all the others end. At a pile of garbage. It's where I go in order to save little pieces of glass, bits of metal, pearls which had been thrown away, it's where I go looking for wire... I go there because sometimes I think that also I am just a piece of a broken mirror. Pieces which I find I fit into a whole, giving them another dimension, and, in return, I get freedom... That's how my art is being born, my small-big "Installations for the neck", a mobile gallery hanging around the neck of a person who wears it...
My name is Marijana. I am an artist from a country which no longer exists. This country had a beautiful name. It was called Yugoslavia. “


"When we speak about art, we cannot leave out the psychology of emotions by which its genuine tissue has been encircled for centuries. Even when we speak about conceptual art, we cannot exclude psychological emotive tones, through which its very concept is being grasped and experienced, regardless of the retinal perception which in many cases is the dominant factor in most forms of observation that we apply. The act of discovering the man, stripped in its sincerity, points out at the appropriateness of those artistic expressions which gradually lead us to immense and deep traces of the experienced emotions. In presented works of Marijana Zebeljan , one can find exactly such, in many terms characteristic and genuine, artistic expression."


"The visual wonderland . It is a connection of one constant, equal silence, quiet and peaceful, but In my vision it is also, at the same time, impregnated with a strong movement as the basic characteristic of matter. The movement which doesn't disturb the viewer but awakens in him new visions and old memories . This movement chiasmically brings into play the interiorization of a mythical time, time incarnated with long forgotten faces of the past. It is a trace or a thread of our need to finding a meaning to human finitude. In this manner, my work is in everlasting search for a true memory: memory which lies between oblivion and remebrance. It is precisely at the intersection of the two that our oblique relation to the past fills the void it had left in the first place. For me, the essence of the past is more real by being invisible and this is what my work tries to present. In other words, past never allows a complete representation of it self, and yet it seeks for it self. It is therefore icomplete or always ,ad hoc ,complete as traces or fragments which only allow a vague emerge of themselves. Approaching time in a form that can be embraced by hands, and in doing so, being able to "catch" one long forgotten instant, I bring back to life some old, forgotten faces of the past, giving them a surreal dimension. This is all in hope that they will get a second life on my paintings."

Marijana Zebeljan